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1/10/2022 - Market Monday - What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know Going Into the Busy Season

The Listings Are Coming

Every year after the holidays, the real estate market heats up. With new listings (and new buyers) entering the market, it's important to be ready. The chart below displays New Listings over the last three years.

What Sellers Need to Know

  • The competition will be entering the market soon. Make sure your property shows and photographs well. Getting foot traffic is critical for generating offers.

  • The more available the property is to see, the more likely it gets showings from qualified buyers.

  • Pricing a property correctly can make a huge difference in Days on Market and Sale Price.

What Buyers Need to Know

  • Get ahead of the competition. Contact your realtor and discuss your needs.

  • Get pre-approved from a lender.

  • Be ready to write an offer quickly.

  • Get set up with automatic emails to stay informed when price changes, new listings, and properties returning to the market occur.

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