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Bicycling in New Orleans and Beyond

Today is "World Bicycle Day" and New Orleans is becoming more and more friendly for bicyclists. There have been improvements all through the city over the last few years. Whether you're cruising to City Park from Lakeview, riding along Lake Pontchartrain, or pedaling to Jazz Fest, there's nothing like a beautiful day for a bike ride in the GNO area.


"It's been a long time since I rode a bike. Where do I even start?"

You may want to go over to They have all kinds of resources for anyone interested in riding their bicycle. Bike Easy has an array of safety and education resources. They also have opportunities to volunteer and become involved with community events.

"Where are some good places to ride?"

TrailLink is a great site that provides information and maps for bike trails across the country. So, if you are on vacation, you can also use TrailLink to find a fun adventure!

If you are working with a local REALTOR® and are set up with a OneHome search, there is a section at the bottom that tells you the ratings for getting around the neighborhood.


As always, I want my clients to have as much of the best information out there to make their real estate decisions. For any and all real estate needs or questions, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 504-432-0263 or via email at

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