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Fact Check Friday - St. Bernard Parish

That's right, on this #FactCheckFriday we are taking it to THE Parish, St. Bernard. St. Bernard Parish has a wonderful reputation for family, food, fishing, and fun! Located just east of New Orleans, residents can enjoy the benefits of rural living, while still being close enough to catch a Pelicans game on a weeknight. What does it take to be a resident of "the Parish"? Let's crunch the numbers!

Don't Call it a Comeback

It is no secret that St. Bernard was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Many people believed the area would never recover. Call it toughness, call it stubbornness, or call it pride, but the people of St. Bernard banded together and rebuilt their community. In fact, they may have made it even better. With old businesses returning and new ones popping up, this St. Bernard version 2.0 is intriguing to potential buyers. If we look at the number of homes for sale in the last ten years, the numbers plummet and level off. That's right, it seems St. Bernard Parish is a place where citizens can dig in their roots and become a part of a special community.

How else might we quantify how St. Bernard's post-Katrina revival might have left it in even better condition than before? If we look at the price per square foot of homes before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina, we can see an upward trajectory in the price per square foot of single-family detached homes. Moreover, these homes do not spend much time on the market. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the average days on market had returned to near Pre-Kartina numbers.

A Rich Tradition

The history of this area dates all the way back to America's infancy. The Battle of New Orleans took place here. As previously stated, this area has overcome a monumental natural disaster to rebuild even stronger.

The residents of St. Bernard are proud of their parish and wear it on their sleeve (with good reason). Tripadvisor ranks St. Bernard Fishing Charters as the second-best fishing charter and tour service in Louisiana! Their school system has a Graduation Rate of 95% (Top 20% in LA). Hungry? Well, almost anyone from anywhere in the New Orleans area will likely send you to Rocky and Carlo's.

St. Bernard is truly an interesting area for first-time homeowners, new families, and retirees. This area is close enough to New Orleans to enjoy the amenities of The Big Easy. Yet, St. Bernard is also within reach of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. For more information on homes in St. Bernard Parish, contact Chuck Stall at or via phone at 504-432-0263.

"St. Bernard Parish Government shall be a model of excellence in local government; a safe, well-planned community with equal opportunity for all." Vision Statement via St. Bernard Government Website

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