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Prices are Rising in Lakeview

The Best of Both Worlds

With insurance and interest rates slowing the local real estate market, one neighborhood is seeing a rise in price per square foot. Lakeview, nested just south of Lake Pontchartrain and east of Metairie, provides a unique living experience. Because of its proximity to local amenities paired with the benefits of suburban life, Lakeview is one of the most sought-after areas in New Orleans.

Rising Inventory

Typically when we see prices going up it is because of a shortage of inventory. Yet, we are seeing the Months Supply increase. For Buyers, this is positive in that there are more choices in this area. Sellers can be happy that the higher inventory does not seem to be driving prices down.

What if I'd Like to Live in Lakeview?

To navigate in this unique market, it behooves buyers to reach out to a qualified REALTOR® today! A REALTOR® can help you get qualified with a lender and into a place that you can truly make a home. Chuck Stall can be reached at 504-432-0263 or at

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